"Parade on Red Square in Moscow. On November, 7th 1941" - K.F.Juona, idea on a theme of victims - A.L.Mandzhosa:    During the Second World War every fourth has been wounded in the USSR or was lost. If to present passing on Red Square battalions of lost our compatriots, on a minute on everyone this sad parade would last without interruption 60 days, 16 hours and 48 minutes and if there were all victims in all countries such procession of the fallen would pass for 162 days of 8 hours and 38 minutes.








The president of Russia D.A.Medvedev:





In 1945 it is gained not only military, but also the big moral victory, for it all people of the former USSR struggled and our allies approached. Today they will pass in parade together. A uniform system the certificate of our general readiness to defend the peace, not to admit revision of results of war, not to admit new tragedies.

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