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 May 9, 2015 in honor of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II will be a presentation "Memory Globe"!

Anyone can take part in this event as sponsors, organizers and participants!




     The present project is the general marathon of memory leaning against the concept of humanity common to all mankind and the international reconciliation over tombs. The marathon will last more than one year.

     This project is not legal and it is formal - memorial, it is conceived as live, moving and socially created. He allows each person, in each country, irrespective of a post and a social standing, to have possibility to show the national patriotic feelings in uniform international product and to take the most direct part in its creation, having saluted a memory tribute in victims during the most bloody war in the history of mankind.

     The centre and project heart is created Moscow enameller-mosaicer Andrey Mandjos in common with all inhabitants of our planet
"the Memory Globe" D=50sm from an enamel mosaic on which borders of countries (1945) are in proportion represented according to their losses in the Second World War. In these borders any interested person also will charge to Andrey Mandjos to spread for it mosaic fragments, each of which corresponds 1.000 persons who have not endured this war, that is only 70.140 fragments.

     Such other sight at the World, at the Earth as though socialises all countries and the people not according to existing geographical frontiers, and is perfect by other principle, by a principle of a human pain and suffering, on borders of that wound which was brought to mankind by this war.

    Thus, besides the most mosaic calculation on the Globe of fragments of memory, the project provides as well other socially significant component which is expressed that each interested person from taken part in the project can direct something to its address is information valuable to itself and historically interesting, and also to prove creatively (more in detail in section "Participants").   

     "The Memory globe" can visit each region of Russia or each country which participated in war. Together with it can go and a collection of other products from an enamel mosaic - this new art form accompanied by various musical collectives and actors, and also representatives of the search organisations at what the last will be necessary for carrying out it is information - search works with local population. It will be sometimes possible to look both separate automobile race, and the special car - train, depending on what support will be met by the project on this or that trip.
     The project "Memory Globe" also provides possibility of joint participation in the most
various other actions and formats, both creative, and the official, corporate, public, political and spiritual plan.

     The main objective of this project is to create memorable works of mosaic in honor of all those who died in World War II.

     Simultaneously, with already created Andrey Mandjos and all inhabitants of the Earth of this mobile art mosaic product from tens thousand drops of hot enamel, each of which will be separately burnt, the project provides possibility creation by its author after or in parallel, in the same proportional borders and quantities of fragments of the Memorialno-monumental mosaic monument - "the Memory Globe" D = 4 metres which will be probably established or in territory of the USSR as the most suffered during the Second World War, it is possible in a point of a joint of borders of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, or in other is international a significant memorial place.   


Millions soldiers appeal:

"Help to rise!"

A.Mandjos, a canvas, oil



All is simple... After the Second World War only in the USSR was more than 4.000.000 missing persons, in Germany - more than one million... Till 1987 in the USSR it was forbidden to conduct excavation and to search for missing persons as to the authorities was unprofitable to pay indemnification to members of their families. C that time on today's time in many thousand enthusiasts - of searchers
 of Russia it was on public principles revealed and it is solemnly betrayed to the earth about 200.000 fallen soldiers, it is returned relatives more than 15.000 names of missing persons.
In 1993 in Russia the Law "About
 immortalize memories of victims has been passed at Fatherland protection", it was not entrusted to execute which to anybody.
Later 13 years the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin for 37 from 1/22/2006 of year to execute this Law the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation which never was engaged in it has been authorised and only could organise the same year a nonprofessional SEARCH BATTALION from the regular soldiers which possibilities had appeared - detection about
1.000 remains of victims in a year. Thus, the state rates search of victims can proceed 40.000 years. As now and this unique battalion is already disbanded.

"We dead have not closed an eye, it is necessary to us to widows to tell,
That we were not in time, have forgotten last honour to give..."

K.M.Simonov, "the Anonymous field"

About "Features of national memory"  >>>

     To all citizens of Russia, including personally the President, to the Prime minister and other official representatives of the power, business, parties and religion, and also to the different countries in the name of their heads it will be offered to take part in the given project and to put the particles in memory of victims of war.
     Mosaic fragments can be put
as directly on various actions, and by means of remote participation in creation of the given mosaics.
     Upon termination of this marathon finished "the Memory Globe" will be solemnly placed in one of the most significant museums of the world.
     The author of the project Andrey Mandjos, drops of which labour sweat will be embodied in each mosaic particle of hot enamel.

The official description of the project "Memory Globe" (for Russia, its regions and other countries)  >>>

The OFFICIAL PHOTOS of the author "Memory Globe" and the product >>>



    Calculation of the areas immortalize in the given project.

The at war countries

The population (for 1939)

Losses of soldiers (all reasons)

Losses of civilians (all reasons)


10.000 in 1 sq. centimetre

Australia  AU 6.968.000 23.395 700 30.095 3,1
Austria   AT  6.652.700 280.000 140.000 420.000 42,0
Albania   AL 1.073.000 28.000 30.000 58.000 5,8
Belgium   BE 8.386.600 12.500 74.000 86.500 8,7
Burma. (Myanma) BM 16.119.000 30.000 1.070.000 1.100.000 110,0
Bulgaria BG 6.458.000 22.000 2.519 24.519 2,5
Brazil BR 40.289.000 943 1.000 1.943 0,2
Great  Britain GB 47.760.000 286.200 92.673 378.873 37,9
Hungary  HU 9.129.000 237.000 270.000 507.000 50,7
Germany DE 69.622.500 4.360.000 1.440.000 6.000.000 600,0
Greece  GR 7.221.900 60.000 375.000 435.000 43,5
Denmark DK 3.795.000 1.540 2.900 4.440 0,4
India  IN 311.820.000 36.300 3.000.000 3.036.300 303,6
Indonesia  ID 69.435.000   4.000.000 4.000.000 400,0
Iraq  IQ 3.698.000 1.000   1.000 0,1
Iran  IR 14.340.000   200 200  
Ireland  IE 2.930.000   200 200  
Spain  ES 25.637.000 15.070   15.070 1,5
Italy  IT 44.394.000 374.000 105.000 479.00 47,9
Canada CA 11.267.000 39.300 9.000 48.300 4,8
China   CN 517.568.000 2.800.000 7.200.000 10.000.000 1.000,0
Korea (as a part of Japan)  KP  KR 24.000.000 10.000 70.000 80.000 8,0
Cuba CU 4.235.000   100 100  
Libya  LY 860.000   20.000 20.000 2,0
Luxembourg  LU 295.000 2.200 1.800 4.000 0,4
Malaysia MY 4.391.000   695.000 695.000 69,5
Malta  MT 268.700 600 1.500 2.100 0,2
Mexico  MX 19.320.000   100   100  
Mongolia  MN 819.000 72   72  
The Netherlands  NL 8.729.000 38.000 182.000 220.000 22,0
New Zealand  NZ 1.628.500 11.625   11.625 1,2
Norway NO 2.944.900 7.800 2.200 10.000 1,0
Newfoundland  ( -Canada) CA 300.000 1.000 100 1.100 0,1
Poland  PL 34.775.700 425.000 5.600.000 6.025.000 602,5
The Portuguese Timor ( - East Timor) TL 500.000   55.000 55.000 5,5
Romania  RO 19.933.800 550.500 500.000 1.050.500 105,1
Singapore SG 727.600   80.000 80.000 8,0
THE USSR   ( Azerbaijan AZ, Armenia AM, Belarus BY, Georgia GE, Kazakhstan KZ, Kirghizia KG, Latvia LV, Lithuania LT, Moldova MD, Russia RU, Tajikistan TJ, Turkmenia TM, Uzbekistan UZ, Ukraine UA, Estonia EE)   196 716 000 10.465.000 15.760.000  26.225.000 2.622,5
THE USA US 131.028.000 405.399 3.000 408.399 40,8
Thailand  TH 15.023.000 5.600 123.000 128.600 12,9
Pacific islands 1.900.000    57.000 57.000 5,7
Philippines  PH 16.000.300 40.000 960.000   1.000.000 100,0
Finland  FI 3.700.000 69.000 1.000 70.000 7,0
France  FR 41.300.000 253.000 412.000  665.000 66,5
The French Indochina (Vietnam VN, Cambodia KH,  Laos LA) 24.600.000 1.000 2.020.000 2.120.000 212,0
Czechoslovakia (, - Czechia CZ, Slovakia SK) 15.300.000 35.000 335.000 370.000 37,0
Switzerland  CH 4.210.000  60 20  80  
Sweden  SE 6.341.300   50 50  
Ethiopia  ET 17.200.000 250.000 610.000 860.000 86,0
THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA  ZA 10.160.000 8.681 14.600 23.281 2,3
Yugoslavia  ( Slovenia SI, Croatia HR, Bosnia and Herzegovina BA, Macedonia MK, Serbia RS, Montenegro ME) 15.400.000 277.000 750.000   1.027.000 102,7
Japan  JP 71.380.000 1.940.000 690.000 2.630.000 263,0
IN TOTAL   1.891.650.493 23.403.785 46.733.062 70.136.847 7013,9

For a basis the data from  "Losses in the Second World War" is taken.


The project provides: Sphere - D = 50, taking into account width of borders, The area immortalize - 7014 square centimetres, In 1 square centimetre - 10 mosaic fragments of an enamel mosaic, In total - 70.140 fragments, Each fragment - 1.000 victims, In total victims - 70.140.000 persons. Death-roll in the countries: Brazil, Denmark, Iraq, Iran, Ireland, Cuba, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Newfoundland, Sweden and Switzerland which had the minimum losses, it is united together and makes in total 15.000 persons that is considered in above designated total figures and it will be designated by separate 40th area in 1,5 sq. sm of the given mosaic.



All copyrights connected with "Memory Globe", are protected.2010



Official website of the project author Andrew Mandjos