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1. You can put your fragments in the general mosaic in honour of fallen during war, including in honour of relative your lost or died in a consequence.
(Position about participation is resulted more low).
2. You can send personal inquiry - the questionnaire on search of the relative who was missing during war
(Letters and the information "are more detailed in section").
3. You can direct us the information with data on a place of destruction and a burial place of missing soldiers, and also events to it corresponding.
4. You can send any information - the story about interesting events of times of war, and also to put a photo and the data of their people made, both veterans, and usual civilians, having immortalised thereby memory of them.
5. You can inform us about something important and problem in your opinion in the plan
immortalize  the fallen soldiers and soldiers died already after soldiers, and also to state any ideas, offers and initiatives of today in this point in question.

All data, initiatives and offers will remain on our site and further to be used in archival searches, to be compared to other information bases and results of search expeditions, and the collected means will go exclusively on carrying out of such expeditions, for work with archives and actions for a burial place of remains of the lost soldiers.

6. You can share the creative sight at events of military years, and also take direct part in our competitions and accompanying projects. Here we welcome any creative initiative executed in any art genre.

 All creative works will collect, be considered and be used in various state and public projects.

7. You can support the project "the First историко - a patriotic forum" Our memory "for which carrying out МВЦ" the Expo Crocus "is ready to allocate 12.500 sq.m. of exhibition areas annually.
8. You can become our official partner and the sponsor.

ALL letters we ask to send in electronic form on the address specified in contacts of the given site.




About participation in the project


To take part in our project it is necessary to receive the memorable passport-certificate of the participant.

1. The passport - the certificate of the participant is filled:

Directly on an exhibiting place of "the Memory Globe"
On a distance on specified in contacts of this web site to the address.

2. For passport-certificate filling following data are required:

The personal: a surname, a name, a patronymic, the country and a city;

According to the brought payment: country (countries) names, colour (colours) and quantity of corresponding fragments.

3. Each passport-certificate has the serial number and personally subscribes the author of idea and the project emalerom - мозаичистом A.L.Mandjosabout what in the OFFICIAL REGISTER of PARTICIPANTS on page "Reports" the special mark becomes. Without such mark the document is not valid.

4. Primary colours which can be chosen:  1 - white, 2 - grey,3 - black,4 - yellow,5 - pink,6 - orange,7 - red,8 - ruby,9 - brown,10 – violet, 11 – blue, 12 - darkly - blue, 13 – dark blue, 14 - light green, 15 - green, 16 - emerald, 17 - turquoise.

5. It is possible to charge a colour (colours) choice to Andrey Mandjos, that is on its discretion.

II. At remote participation.

1. An official site of the project is the present web site:

2. The participant for reception and Passport-certificate filling should send in the address specified on this site the letter with the data according to point "II" of the present position, and also to enclose in it the second envelope with the stamps pasted on it and the return address written by printing letters. In the absence of the second envelope the passport-certificate will not be sent, it remains in archive and it can be received only in a staff - project apartment in Moscow.

III. Plural participation.

1. Each interested person has the right to take more extensive part, than in 1 fragment for 1.000 victims.


Appearance - the sample of the Passport-certificate № 1 participant Andrey Mandjos:


       !!! Dear officials of all ranks before giving the definitive answers for the area, edge, district, republic or the country, convincingly we ask you not to get off with formal formal replies, and attentively to familiarise with the information on the given site and to discuss it jointly taking into account public opinion. We once again pay your attention that "the Memory Globe" is the project which started in 2010, in a year of the 65 anniversary of the Victory, but it is not action only by this holiday and date, it will hourly last, daily and any year. Thus inherently creation of "the Memory Globe" means exclusively donations which will be directed for financing of search expeditions, detection of remains of victims and their worthy immortalize.This private initiative of Andrey Mandjos is directed on rendering of the civil help in this question, in this problem.

In Russia and in all republics of the former USSR there is no corner which this most terrible war would not concern, therefore not to find time for увековечивания memory of the fellow countrymen - shamefully and cowardly... It will be sad, if from this or that country or region of Russia because of separate short-sighted officials the historical trace on "the Memory Globe" in honour of all victims in the Second World War is not left and there will be no that practical contribution thanks to which could be found and to bury remains of thousand fallen soldiers... our grandfathers, our great-grandfathers whom in 1941 it was much more difficult...!!!



The union of search groups of Russia: