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1.  Competition on an art support for "the Memory Globe" d = 50˝ý appears! Thus each country will have possibility to make the support for źthe Memory Globe╗ on which it and will be all time spent in this country. Execute such support can to be it is offered to someone from the most outstanding artists or it will be result of special national competition.


Your support for "the Memory Globe"


2.Thus the present project has also the memorialno-monumental continuation which consists that upon termination of a marathon or even already in its process each country will have an opportunity to establish in the territory the corresponding fundamental monument-memorial "the Memory Globe", D = 4 metres or more, in the same proportional borders and in the same quantities of fragments, as author's, is mobile - go-ahead jeweller product from tens thousand drops of hot enamel, d=50˝ý, created by Andrey Mandjos and all inhabitants of the Earth would become which centre identical mosaic.

All artists of the world also are offered to take part in competition of the project of a monument - a memorial "the Memory Globe" mosaic sphere D = 4 metres will be which centre - which author is Andrey Mandjos.


Monument "Memory Globe"



3.All artists of the world also are offered to take the creative part in the gallery project-˝ompetition  "Unknown soldier", based in Moscow of 6/22/2001 of year at which Andrey Mandjos and will create with all together "the Memory Globe". This international art project and is called: "THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER".

The project essence "the Unknown soldier" consists in that for the first time under one roof to collect products on a military theme of artists of all countries of the world, in any form, style and the technician.
Each artist, wished to take part in the given project and in created international gallery, can send in gift the product to the address: 125362, Russia, Moscow, ulica the Bolshaya Naberezhnaya, 11, sq. 13, A.L.Mandjos. It is necessary to put the donative letter To product.


"the Unknown soldier"



Send the work of art on a war theme!