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The author and the project head "the Memory Globe" -
Andrey Lvovich Mandjos,
Therefore his name is necessary to address all correspondence not.


Contacts:   On all questions there are answers to a site.   Only for offers: tel.: 8-915-208-77-09, (495) 491-74-69  Andrey Lvovich Mandjos

e-mail      to Andrey Mandjos:




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To WHOM: Russia, Moscow, 125362, street Bolshaya Naberezhnaya, 11, ap.13, to Andrey Lvovich Mandjos
FROM WHOM: the detailed return post address, a surname, a name, a patronymic.
DATA: the country (countries)
immortalize, colours and quantity of fragments (According to a payment)


A.L.Mandjos on a cemetery of the Soviet soldiers near Berlin (Fleken-Tsehlin) With relatives from Russia and Belarus
 established by it and the Union of search groups of Russia before the unknown and found soldiers. There were representatives of the organisat ions and administration of Germany, and also embassy of Russia at Germany. 2006


Andrey Lvovich Mandjos - the author of the project, the head of Gallery "Unknown soldier".



A.L.Mandjos with head Leiter des Gräbernachweises Ref. IV B (identification department of German military archives) Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt) Hr. Dönigus




Representatives of the project "Memory Globe" in regions of Russia:

1. Moscow  - Andrey Mandjos (

2.Moscow region - Andrey Mandjos (

3.St.-Petersburg - Michael Andreev

4. Leningrad region  - Michael Andreev

5.Vladimir region - Svetlana Krus Mendosa



Representatives of the project "Memory Globe" in other countries:

1. Italy - Sorrento - Irina Rjumshina  +39 3388325073    @    Skype: irioumchina

2. China - Shanghai - Andrey Shubin       8-916-517-45-17 Moscow      15001 -999729  Shanghai

3. Ukraine - Krivoi Rog - Alexey Vashchenko +38 (097) 594-92-65 64-38-68.

4. Japan - Tokyo -  Yurkanova Natalia  Tel.: 03-6661-0344


The technical director of the project - Alexander Vladimirovich Bobylev