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!!! Dear officials of all ranks before giving the definitive answers for the area, edge, district, republic or the country, convincingly we ask you not to get off with formal formal replies, and attentively to familiarise with the information on the given site and to discuss it jointly taking into account public opinion. We once again pay your attention that "the Memory Globe" is the project which started in 2010, in a year of the 65 anniversary of the Victory, but it is not action only by this holiday and date, it will hourly last, daily and any year. Thus inherently creation of "the Memory Globe" means exclusively donations which will be directed for financing of search expeditions, detection of remains of victims and their worthy immortalize.This private initiative of Andrey Mandjos is directed on rendering of the civil help in this question, in this problem.

In Russia and in all republics of the former USSR there is no corner which this most terrible war would not concern, therefore not to find time for увековечивания memory of the fellow countrymen - shamefully and cowardly... It will be sad, if from this or that country or region of Russia because of separate short-sighted officials the historical trace on "the Memory Globe" in honour of all victims in the Second World War is not left and there will be no that practical contribution thanks to which could be found and to bury remains of thousand fallen soldiers... our grandfathers, our great-grandfathers whom in 1941 it was much more difficult...!!!




The official description of the project "Memory Globe"

(for Russia, its regions and other countries): more in detail  >>>


You can take part in following actions - the projects connected with "Memory Globe"

and a new art form - Andrey Mandjos Enamel mosaic.

Here some already planned components of the project:


1. The international exhibition project "Memory Globe", and also exhibitions, displays of a new art form, both personal, and dated for other exhibition or memorable actions, years of Russia and days of Russian culture in other countries,
2. A monument "the Memory Globe" ("Competitions" are more detailed on page)
3. Gallery "Unknown soldier" ("Competitions" are more detailed on page)
4. An exposition - pavilion (including and "the Memory Globe") at rock festival "Chapaev Fest" - August 2010г.
5. A personal exhibition in Vladimir.
6. A unique mosaic portrait of the father of Russian mosaic of M.V.Lomonosova to its 300 anniversary in 2011.
7. A personal exhibition in 2011 in Sorrento - the Italian Riviera, in a year of Russia in Italy, with the invitation of the first persons, and also all royal court yard of Europe, with delivery of mosaic Easter eggs from enamel to the Pope and Patriarch Cyril, (including participation of Italians in creation of "the Memory Globe" for 500.000 compatriots who have lost in the Second World War, the big cultural program.)
8. A personal exhibition in 2011 in Tokyo - with the invitation of the first persons, (including participation of Japanese in creation of "the Memory Globe" for 2.630.000 compatriots who have lost in the Second World War, the big cultural program.)
9. A train "Enamel room" with an exposition of enamel mosaics, (including and "the Memory Globe") accompanied by collective of musicians and actors of a different genre in annual tour on Russia, the CIS and to the countries of Europe.
10. Participation by the special project in the cultural program of the Olympic Games of 2014 in Sochi.

11. Corporate displays for employees of the large companies and official bodies.
12. "Russia forever!" The new project: "RUSSIA FOREVER!" Performens (transformation, revival) mosaic products in etudes of modern dance>>>
13. Contribution to replenishment by samples of a new art form of meetings of museums and private collections both in Russia, and in other countries.
14. The organisation of constant exhibitions with demonstration of a part of a collection.
15. Opening of galleries - salons.
16. Opening of representations in various regions of Russia and in other countries.



1. "Mosaic revolution in enamel" - the edition and reprinting of the first, and then Andrey Mandzhosa's subsequent books.
2. Other publishing projects on release of an every possible printed matter from mosaic puzzles to gift albums, calendars, posters and tabloids.
3. Participation in the Internet - magazine "Enamel room":
4. The magazine edition "ENAMEL ROOM" (on the basis of the project started now the magazine Internet - "the Enamel room": Problem articles about museums and manors, about the best practices of artists and critics, about a collecting and representation gifts, about national properties yesterday's and day today's, about a live heritage, about an educational program for men of means and about chances for poor, about unusual collections that people were able to collect, understood and "currency of refugees", and in скупочных the prices, and in hot enamel, that is highly artistic, and that are not present how to make out the future classics of the present. ., and the magazine overall objective - realisation of the historical project of world culture - museum creation "the Enamel room" will be quintessence, and is more true than "Enamel chambers", the magazine as though would cement all other materials on this idea, would show advancement marks to result, including interview, articles, a photo, creation of the fragments, any letters and чиновные отфутболивания, i.e. both black, and white..., as process of advancement frequently too is very interesting... The edition should be in the most attractive forms and with possibilities for readers to take any part in various projects, competitions, in creation of national products, in joint-stock and training programs... In comparison of different kinds of arts, in finding-out of their merits and demerits. For what constant ratings in the field of art will be one of section.
5. Cinema creation, video, CD - production.
6. Advertising cooperation.
7. Participation in reportings of mass-media and TV, including series, considering multiopicality of a material about an enamel mosaic.



1. Release of a commodity output with facsimiles of the patented enamel mosaics. On an example, cooperation with the Company "the House Ivan-tea" Russian mosaic ".
2. Release of every possible souvenir production about a new art form.
3. An automosaic: "BMW X-5 with the mosaic arms - the present carriage", emblems and other mosaic fragments of an external decor and internal furniture of salons of cars and yachts.
4. Modelling (clothes, footwear, accessories), jeweller, furniture and other industrial cooperation - on creation of the most various production inlaid with new technics of a mosaic from hot enamel.
5. Cooperation with gift funds of the large commercial companies and official bodies on supply by their representation gifts, inlaid with an enamel mosaic.
31. Release of furniture, leather production, porcelain etc. inlaid with an enamel mosaic.


1. Carrying out of various scientific actions, conferences, seminars etc.
2. Training, and also opening of Schools of an enamel mosaic.
3. Opening of corresponding faculty at university.
4. Studying in art and scientific academies.



 "The Enamel Room"                                        - Official website of the project author Andrew Mandjos      >>>