after May,9th

When celebratory salutes have died down, celebratory celebrations have ceased and there has come usual working everyday life, we will open day by day constantly for all both everyone RESULTS of the Second World War and the severe PRICE which our world and also as today it concern in a society has been reached.


Reportings in mass-media




PHOTO - reportings


1.As "the Memory Globe" was made.  >>>


2. Putting on of the first fragments of "the Memory Globe"   >>>


3. Personal dispatch of letters with the offer to take part and assign the fragment for victims - to presidents, kings, the prime minister - to ministers, ambassadors, governors, heads of the national and international organisations, establishments, departments, faiths, the companies and various outstanding figures  >>>


4.   The first OFFICIAL PHOTOS of the author "Memory Globe" and the product >>>