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  We offer all not indifferent to memory fallen during the Second World War to take part in the given project, as in direct creation of "the Memory Globe", and in carrying out of the actions connected with it.




 May 9, 2015 in honor of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II will be a presentation "Memory Globe"!

Anyone can take part in this event as sponsors, organizers and participants!



Stage 2   -     The official start of the project May 9, 2015.



Stage 1 :



The daily chronicle of the basic events of the Great Patriotic War   >>>  "Letters and the information".


1.The place is defined, whence in 2010  in Russia the marathon of actions of project "the Memory Globe" will begin.


2.All artists of the world are offered to take the creative part in the artproject "UNKNOWN SOLDIER".


3.Actors, composers, poets, fashion designers, directors, producer etc. can consider the cooperation with "the Memory Globe" and include its participation in the programs and projects.



4. Mosaic "the Memory Globe" and a collection of enamel mosaics of Andrey Mandjos are devoted also to the 300 anniversary of the great Russian scientist, the artist and educator M.V.Lomonosova in 2011!    >>>



5.As "the Memory Globe" is a long-term, daily project, the decision to inform on it Mass media after May, 9th as we consider that it not simply momentary information occasion by a holiday, and long constant activity without days off for fund raising on carrying out of search expeditions therefore was accepted. In turn, we urge Mass media to approach to the given theme creatively and whenever possible any time.


6.We very much hope that of Andrey Mandjos initiative will exemplify and for other creative projects with the same purpose - to help searchers with their hard and dangerous work in honour of our heroic ancestors and for the blessing of our Native land.